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Membership to the committees opened for all without any discrimination and distinction as to race, sex, language or religion. The basic criteria of becoming a member is to have and possess a strong urge to serve the society with strong commitment and honesty without any expectation.

About Us

The Human Rights Committee has been formed by a group of like-minded citizens with an aim to work in the areas of safeguarding and protecting human rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution. It aims at promoting and encouraging fundamental freedoms of citizens. The committee is comprising of its members from different class of society who are all devoted to a pious cause of securing and protecting the basic and fundamental rights of citizens. The committee provides a platform to the ordinary citizens to raise their voice against the incidents and instances where the basic and fundamental rights of an individual or institution are violated. We also aim at keeping a vigil on the violations done by the corrupt bureaucrats, administrators and executors of law and order. The committee aims it providing legal aid, logistic support and moral support to the victims of violations. Simultaneously we also want to spread our wings and do charitable and pious work of educating poor and downtrodden section of society by providing them knowledge and education about their rights as well as educate them about various laws, statutory provisions by holding meetings, seminars and lectures.

  • To ensure, protect and safeguard of rights of citizens given by Constitution of India and to make the life secured, safe and stress free, so that they can live with dignity and happiness.
  • To help the victims and needy persons, whose rights are violated by administrators, executors and other bureaucrats.
  • To help, support and raise voice against the brutality and infringement of basic rights of human beings.
  • To work in the areas of education of rights to women and children including their rights of protection from violence, their right to education and other rights.
  • To work for the upliftment of poor and downtrodden section of society.
  • To work for eradication of corrupt practices prevailing amongst various bureaucrats, government and semi government authorities.
  • To educate and provide knowledge to the needy citizens of their rights of freedom, right to speech, right to education, right of occupation and other constitutional rights.
  • To approach judicial and quasi-judicial authorities against violation of rights of citizen.
  • To provide legal help, to approach the court of law for seeking justice to the victims whose rights are violated.
  • To protest and initiate action against the wrongdoers and act as a whistleblower for ensuring, guaranteeing and protecting the rights of citizens.
  • In the similar manner, the organization wishes to act in other related areas and fields for a good social cause.

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