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COVID- 19 Reminder: Stay Home, Stay Safe. Be wise to keep your self safe.  Membership to H.R.C shall be unbiased. All State and District position candidates shall be elected after strict background scrutiny. Every president position candidates shall apply for post in their respective districts or states with a valid Biodata and shall have minimum 20 members along with their application form to be registered as members/co-position holders. Extortion of money, blackmailing any authorities etc. in the name of H.R.C shall lead to legal consequences and H.R.C. shall not entertain such miscreants. Misuse of H.R.C ID cards shall lead to immediate termination of membership/position and legal notices shall be sent to local authorities stating the same. All cases that relate to Human Rights violation to be taken with records of both complainant and complainee for legal proceedings. All presidents shall take prior approval from National General Secretary or National President before issuing any letter head or notices in respective states or districts


  • You will become part of an effective advocacy representaion.
  • Human Rights Committee – India brand will become an umbrella of protection of your fundamental & basic rights and representing which you will also be able to safeguard  another victim of human rights harrasement & violation
  • Together you get to roll an important opinion for the good or objection against the corrupt by having your team members and presidents of the brand H.R.C. represent you.
  • All H.R.C members & presidents will become your single voice creating a bigger impact strengthening your problem solving abilities.
  • Networking becomes at its best for you across the world and thus improving your outlook and oppurtunities both personally and carreer vice unless misused.
  • You will enjoy a much more relaxed but serious approach by both government & non – government officials of your respective jurisdictions while representing H.R.C brand for the right and a good cause.
  • You will improve know how’s of updated political and otherco-related issues and become stronger in tackling them.
  • You will grow by learning from each other and will have a platform to exercise your vision and leadership for the development of your fellow citizens.
  • H.R.C. will gradually make you a brand in itself increasing your fan base and followers when in distress & happiness.   

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